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I want to draw your OCs!


Original Characters are the embodiment of the creator’s thoughts, ideals, and wants made form. I’d like to draw your OC’s!

Let’s celebrate some OC’s! If you’d like me to draw your OC, reblog this post with a link or two to any visual references you have. Some text, such as their name, likes, dislikes, hobbies, are highly recommended. Things that are specifically important to them should be included, so I’ll leave those items in in case I switch something up (clothing, hair). I want to celebrate who they are, not what they’re doing!

Here’s the Blunt Disclaimer: This isn’t a commission. This is for fun. I’ll be picking what’s interesting for me to draw. I’m a stickler for clear communication and ideas, and I expect clear presentation of references and materials. I can’t get around to everyone’s OC’s. If I don’t pick yours it’s not because it’s boring. Once again, I just want to do this for fun, because I love the community and want to give some back (the love).

I’ll make a good effort to look through all responses, but once again, if the response is incongruent and/or demanding, I most likely will pass on it.

Alice Sheepstar



A Witch with the power to transmute things~ (¬‿¬)

She is fascinated by mushrooms~

She like expand or shrink things, in that way she manages to satisfy herself~

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