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First time (? Read za rules, please :’0


_Payment is upfront. 
 _The method of the payment will be through the Paypal invoice
_I need clear references about the characters and the poses or situations.
_The price may change depending on the complexity of the pic.
_I can say no for whatever reason; Don’t shake me if I say no, plss.


  1. Then read za rules and accept the terms of the service;
    Contact me at ruru-raida-34@outlook.com Including COMMISSION in the tittle.
  2. If the idea works, then the payment (and check in paypal, via invoice) I’ll propose a layout with a loose sketch;
  3. I send a you WIPs depending what I draw; During the sketch, the lineart and the ink+tones; You can fix me details, but I’ll only accept 2 revisions, so take your time to dive your feedback. More corrections, will be charged;
  4. When the works ends, I’ll send you via e-mail all the versions of the pic (sketch, lineart and final) if there are.


_You can print, or use the pic for ‘personal uses’, but you aren’t alloweed to use it to make profit, or atribute its authory;
_I have the right to post or not on my sites (Tumblr, twitter, pixiv, Fa, patreon), or include in my portfolio; This depends of the plataform or the conventions of there;
_I can censorship any image if I consider gross or disguisting for other users but I’ll give you the uncensored pic.


  • Sketch = Price baes 15 USD
  • Lineart+flat= Price base 25 USD
  • Ink+Tones= Price base 35 USD

    All of the type of pics have the right to:
  • 1 character per pic
  • Maximun 2 dicks per pic
  • A Simple background

    *The teratolin version (vs unconventional monster girls) and the bestiality version of the products aren’t accumulative.

  • WHAT I DO:

    • Animu girlus
    • Game girlus
    • Furry, Nekomimi y Kemono, Meca maybe
    • Bestiality, only equine, canine, and maybe dragons (?
    • Tentacles
    • SFW
    • OCs y FCs if they are not SO complex (like ten wings, five arms, three heads)
    • Futanari
    • BBW


    • Backgrounds pss
    • Vomit/Scat
    • Guro/Gore
    • Inflation
    • Macro/Micro and giant penis
    • Vore
    • Loli/Shota, Toddlercon
    • Too-stylized characters like Sonic, Adventure time or similars.
    • Excessive cum
    • Other ‘weirdos’ fetishes (knell, foot, food (?)

    Don't be the product, buy the product!