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Third time (?
Read za rules, please :’0, I changed a few~

About the three ‘green’ pics on the fullcolor examples… Mmmm; I’ll uncensored it when i’ll have a final confirmation (read za rules)

Me quedé sin tiempo para dibujar más ejemplos, de nuevo JAJJAAJ;

  • Payment is upfront. 
  • The method of the payment will be through the Paypal invoice
  • I need clear references about the characters and the poses or situations. This is an excluding requirement
  • I need too an reference with the gesture/expressions, ‘sizes’ (you know what I mean) and anything enough relevant;
  • I need an attachment link with one on MY previous works to see what do you want specifically: why? Bcs i want to draw you something with quality and knowing what do you like of my style 
  • Finnlay, I’d appreciate it if you tell me of where you know me, to know if my publish campaign works or not (?

_The price may change depending on the complexity of the pic.
_I can say no for whatever reason; Don’t shake me if I say no, plss.
_Depending the type and amount of pics, will take me more or less time to finished;

  • Animu girlus
  • Game girlus
  • Furry, Nekomimi y Kemono
  • Bestiality, only equine, canine, and maybe dragons (?
  • Tentacles
  • OCs y FCs if they are not SO complex (like ten wings, five arms, three heads)
  • Futanari
  • BBW
  • Backgrounds pss
  • SFW
  • Vomit/Scat**
  • Guro/Gore
  • Inflation
  • Macro/Micro and giant penis
  • Vore
  • Loli/Shota, Toddlercon, Gilfs
  • Too-stylized characters like Sonic, Adventure time or similars.
  • Excessive cum
  • Other ‘weirdos’ fetishes (knell, foot, food (?)


HERE i show you specificaly how contact me

This is de ideal process to ask me for a commission;
Sorry if is too much elaborate, but i think is the best manner to communicate us  knowing i am not very awaked in other language (?


_You can print, or use the pic for ‘personal uses’, but you aren’t alloweed to use it to make profit, or atribute its authory;
_I DON’T DRAW PRIVATE COMMISSIONS, in this case, at least.
_I have the right to post or not on my sites (Tumblr, twitter, pixiv, Fa, patreon), or include in my portfolio; This depends of the plataform or the conventions of there;
_I can censorship and crop any image if I consider gross or disguisting for other users but I’ll give you the uncensored pic.


The prices and the type of comish will rotate and change because I’m learning and improve my skills; And the previous linearts could be only sketches for my perspective;
The promos and discounts isn’t asked, it is earned; Pls be gentle :’0

All of the type of pics have the right to: 1 character per pic Maximun, 2 dicks per pic, only a clean version an a simple background; The cum version is sold separately because cause me so much problems pss; (?


Thanks to mah new rules (?) i think i can draw more and better in less time, also, i have a better pc than a week ago, so i’ll can increase my skills even more~
That’s why i’ll try to maintain open the sketch comishes: to draw something accessible and nice, without extra details and etc~ If I see doesn’t work and people ask more for the lines, i’ll increase the number of slots pss.


_ 1 Weekly full color

_ 5 Weekly linearts

_ Unlimited sketchs works

If you have questions, read za FAQ of the Process section; There i explain how works the weekly slots~

OPEN COMISHES :’0 be gentle~

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